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Special input filter for frequency converter


Product introduction

Special input filter for frequency converter

Product introduction
Rated current 5A-1600A optional
The way of bolt and terminal table extraction is optional (300A or above is copper outlet).
The SJB920 series is a conventional product that is suitable for most inverter brands.
Special customizing according to customer´s on-the-spot interference requirements

Characteristics and advantages
The SJB920 series is specially designed based on the frequency domain characteristics of the input terminals that interfere with the power grid and other digital devices when the inverter works.
- using three stage filter design, special magnetic materials can guarantee high impedance characteristics in wide frequency range.
It can effectively guarantee the normal operation of the electronic equipment around the frequency conversion device, and solve the huge drawbacks of the inverter.
For special customer groups, terminal terminal products can be selected to ensure safety under special circumstances.
More than --300A, copper row type extraction method is adopted, which is more unified with international design standards, and customer connection is convenient and safe.
--660VAC/690VAC/1140VAC (inclusive) and above high voltage products optional

application area
Widely used in inverter, servo motor, variable frequency power supply, and other industrial electronic equipment using frequency conversion principle.