About Us

Shanghai Sai Ji Electronics Co., Ltd. is a famous EMI/EMC power filter and reactor manufacturer in China. Many years of technical personnel who have been engaged in electromagnetic compatibility research professional doctorate, after years of professional and technical personnel for EMI/EMC research and production, has accumulated rich EMI/EMC research and development, design, to solve the experience.
The company is committed to the research in two scientific fields of EMC conducted interference and EMC radiation interference, and continues to dedicate its own research to the development of customer and social civilization. In order to ensure the performance of the product, most of the regular product rate is prior to the industry enterprise through the CE, CQC, ROHS and other security regulations, the company has a special R and D department, which can provide the targeted reform design proposal according to the different environment of the customer. It provides technical consultation and selection, EMC test, custom product, product and system. Case.
The race period products have 0.5A-2000A's various specifications of single-phase, three-phase, DC, AC, high voltage, frequency converter special power filter, sine wave filter, reactor. 5-1200A specifications can be provided within 3 working days. It is widely used in all kinds of EMC testing, information security, instrument, medical equipment, industrial control, instrument measurement, inverter inverter equipment, electric power supply, communication power supply, UPS, frequency conversion air conditioning and elevator equipment, and so on. It has been established with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, frequency converter manufacturers and military enterprises. Good cooperative relationship. Such as: HP, sunshine power, Alcatel, SIEMENS, Schneider and so on.

Corporate Culture

  • Enterprise Mission

    Committed to EMC conduction interference and EMC radiation interference in two areas of scientific research, to enhance the competitiveness of customer products!

  • Vision

    Through continuous technological innovation, we are at the leading level in R and D management and technology exploration.

  • Core Values Of Enterprises

    Sincerity and people, create new heights!

  • Enterprise Goal

    Build a first-class brand in the industry and create permanent credit for enterprises.

  • Enterprise Spirit

    People oriented, technological innovation, first-class products, professional services!

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