Sales Manager

Sales Manager (two):
Gender: men and women are not limited to age: salary over 30 years old: base salary + Commission annual salary 200 thousand
Job description:
1, cooperate closely with all departments to complete the work.
2, strictly abide by the company´s rules and regulations, play an exemplary role everywhere.
3, formulate sales plan, determine sales policy, design sales mode.
4, sales personnel recruitment, selection, training, deployment.
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, computer science or education.
2 or 5 years experience in sales management of large and medium-sized enterprises.

Sales Representative

Sales Representative (number name):
Gender: men and women are not limited to age: salary above 25 years old: basic salary 4000+ deduct.
Job description:
1. Master all the products and solutions of the company.
2. Understand and execute the company´s sales concept and sales strategy;
3, direct sales to customers; choose and establish sales channels;
4. Collect market information and carry out market analysis.
5, carry out distributors´ business and industry project tracking.
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above. With more than three years of experience in industry, there are certain customer groups and familiar with the professional knowledge of the industry.
2. Motivated, responsible, have strong development and coordination ability, and can travel frequently.
3. Good image, strong language expression, initiative and good at sales process planning.

Quality inspector

Quality inspector (5)
Job requirements:
1. Major in electrical engineering, automation or mechanical design and manufacturing.
2. College degree or above, principle of work is strong, objective and fair.
3. Good communication learning ability;
4, the professional foundation is solid. Having the spirit of hard work;