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Output sine wave filter


Product introduction

Output sine wave filter

Product introduction
The sinusoidal filter is driven by a PWM inverter, and its switching frequency range is between 2 and 10 KHz, which still provides sinusoidal output voltage. In the frequency converter drive application, it can effectively suppress high frequency loss and DV/DT radio frequency interference, improve the performance and life of the motor, and make the cable of the motor and frequency device grow to 500 meters, up to 3 km.

1, the SPWM voltage and current waveform output by the inverter is converted to an approximate sine wave wave "linear load, when the COS is more than 0.3 THD is less than 5%; after the application of some brand converters, THD will be greater than this value";
2, protect motor insulation system, reduce bearing current, prolong service life and reduce motor noise.
3. Using ordinary asynchronous motor can replace the frequency conversion asynchronous motor.
4. Effectively restrain high frequency loss and radio frequency radiation interference. In some cases, unshielded cables can be used to reduce the requirements for field cabling.
5, make the motor and frequency converter cable extend to 500 meters, the longest can reach more than 3 kilometers.
6. It can be used for three-phase variable frequency drive system, such as 220V\380V\690V\1140V.
7, suitable for motor transducer power range: 0.4KW-1600KW
8, frequency converter output carrier frequency range: 1.5-16KHz
9, the basic frequency range: 0-400Hz "50Hz above order must be explained."
10. Driving Load Form: Asynchronous Motor; Special Design for EPS UPS and Peripheral Power Supply System; 11. Heat Resistance Grade: F Class Reactor Part
12, the protection level IP00 or IP20 "that is equipped with IP20 outer box, must be specified when ordering."

1. change the PMW wave output from the frequency converter to a sine wave
2. reducing the eddy current loss and motor noise of the motor
3. reduce the pulse current on the output cable and the motor and prolong the life of the motor.
4., a longer cable connection can be used between the inverter and the motor.
5. reduce external radiation and use unshielded cables on certain occasions, reducing the requirement for on-site wiring.
6. effectively prevent motors from DV/DT, overvoltage, overheating and eddy current losses.

Technical specifications:
1. working voltage: 220VAC-1140VAC
2. working current: 5A-1600A
3. working frequency: 50/60Hz.
4. carrier frequency: 2K-10K
5. insulation grade: class F, H
6. pressure drop: 8%-12%
7. voltage harmonic distortion distortion THD < 5%
8. no-load current less than 8%
9. use environment: -10... At +45 C, the rated value will not be reduced. The maximum temperature can reach +55 degrees, above 45 degrees, increasing 1 degrees centigrade, and reducing the rated current by 2%.
10. protection grade: IP00-IP22
11. maximum current: 1.5 x rated current, continuous 60S
12. noise: less than 65dB
13. temperature rise: less than 80K
14. anti electric strength: iron core winding 3000VAC/50Hz/5mA/10s no arc breakdown (factory test)
15. insulation resistance: 1000VDC insulation resistance value more than 100M Omega
16. the altitude is not more than 2000 meters
17. the operating temperature is between -25 and +45, and the relative humidity is not more than 90%.
18. there is no harmful gas around, no inflammable and explosive materials.
19. the surrounding environment should be well ventilated. If installed in the cabinet, ventilation equipment should be installed.
20. implementation criteria:
IEC289:1987 reactor
GB10229-88 reactor (eqvIEC289:1987)
JB9644-1999 electric drive reactor
Product size: can be customized according to the requirements of the user.