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Compensatory capacitor series reactor


Product introduction

Compensatory capacitor series reactor

Product introduction
Low voltage series reactors are used in low voltage reactive power compensation cabinet and connected with capacitors in series.
With a large number of harmonic sources such as rectifier and converter devices, the higher harmonics generated will seriously damage the safe operation of the main transformer and other devices.
When the reactor is connected with the capacitor in series, it can effectively absorb the harmonic of the power network, improve the voltage waveform of the system, and improve the power factor of the system.
It can effectively restrain the inrush current and operate the overvoltage and effectively protect the capacitor.

Characteristic application
The product is divided into three phases and two single-phase, all of which are iron core dry type.
The silicon steel sheet is made of imported cold rolled silicon steel sheet with high quality and low loss. The core column is divided into uniform segments by multiple air gaps, and the air gap is high temperature and high strength.
The adhesive is tightly bonded to each segment of the core column and the upper and lower iron yoke. The coil is made of aluminum foil coil or copper wire, and is tightly arranged.
Dense and uniform, large intercept flow and good linearity. The reactor is always in the range in the harmonic environment. The product is small in size.
Light weight, beautiful appearance, easy installation in cabinet without maintenance
Electrical properties and parameters
1. rated working voltage: 400V, 660V system
2. rated insulation level 3Kv/mIn
3. the temperature rise limit of each part of the reactor: the iron core should not exceed 85K. and the temperature rise of the coil should not exceed 95K
4. reactor noise: less than 50dB
5. the reactor can operate long term under the harmonic current of no more than 1.35 times the rated current.
6. reactance value linearity at 1.8 times rated current reactance value and long-term operation under rated current.
7. Arbitrary two-phase reactance value of three-phase reactor is not more than <3%
8. product quality and performance meet the relevant technical requirements of GB1094.6-2011, JB5346-1998, JB9644-1999 and other standards.

Conditions and requirements
1. the altitude is not more than 1000 meters, the running environment temperature is -25 ~+40, the relative humidity is not more than 85%.
2. no harmful gas, no flammable and explosive materials
3. the surrounding environment should be well ventilated. If installed in the cabinet, ventilation equipment should be installed.
4. Where there is no severe vibration and strong turbulence, there is rain proof equipment.
5. There is no place in the environment where there is no explosion danger and there is no place to corrode the metal box and destroy the insulating gas and conductive dust in the environment.