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Three phase outgoing reactor


Product introduction

Three phase outgoing reactor

Product introduction
Reduce working noise, eddy current loss and reduce motor temperature rise.
Reduce leakage current caused by high harmonics and reduce RF interference to peripheral devices.
Smoothing the inverter output voltage and current waveform, reducing the impact of transient voltage dv/dt on the insulation system of the motor, prolonging the life of the motor.
Extend the effective distance between the motor and the inverter, reduce the capacitive current of the cable, and protect the power switches in the inverter.
Voltage rise rate of PWM wave output by passivating inverter

Characteristics and advantages
Use and operate the environment:
Use environment: -10 C ~+45 centigrade, the rated value will not be reduced, the maximum can reach +55 degrees C, and above 45 C, the increase of 1 C will reduce the rated current by 2%.
- no more than 2000 meters above sea level
- the operating ambient temperature is -25 C ~+45 C, and the relative humidity is not more than 90%.
There is no harmful gas, no flammable and explosive materials
- the surrounding environment should be well ventilated; if installed in the cabinet, ventilation should be installed.
Implementation criteria:
- IEC289:1987 reactor
GB10229-88 reactor (eqvlEC289:1987)
- JB9644-1999 electric drive reactor

application area
- - limit dv/dt to 500V/us
- limit the Overvoltage on the motor terminals to 1000V to 400V~ (RMS), 1150V to 460V~ (RMS).
-- filter interference caused by the contactor between the filter and the motor.