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Three phase line reactor


Product introduction

Three phase line reactor

Product introduction
The input reactor can be used to provide improved overload protection for line power supply and reduce harmonic distortion generated by frequency converter. Increase the input power
The power factor of the source reduces the high order harmonics.
Suppressing the surge of the frequency converter on the power supply. The value of the reactor is defined as the voltage drop between the rated power supply voltage of 2%-4%, if this value is greater than this value.
It will cause torque loss.

Characteristics and advantages
1. working voltage: 3/380VAC-1140VAC
2. working frequency: 50/60Hz.
3. working current: 5A-1600A
4. insulation grade: class F, H
5. Service environment: -10~+45, rating will not be reduced. The maximum temperature can reach +55 degrees, above 45 degrees, increasing 1 degrees centigrade, and reducing the rated current by 2%.
6. protection grade: IP00-IP22
7. Torque loss will occur if the pressure drop is less than 4%.
8. maximum current: 1.5 x rated current, continuous 60S
9. noise: less than 65dB
10. temperature rise: less than 85K
11. anti electric strength: iron core winding 3000VAC/50Hz/5mA/10s no arc breakdown (factory test)
12. insulation resistance: 1000VDC insulation resistance value more than 100M Omega
13. the altitude is not more than 2000 meters.
14. the operating temperature is between -25 and +45, and the relative humidity is not more than 90%.
15. There are no harmful gases and inflammable and explosive materials around.
16. the surrounding environment should be well ventilated. If installed in the cabinet, ventilation equipment should be installed.
17. implementation criteria:
IEC289:1987 reactor
GB10229-88 reactor (eqvIEC289:1987)
JB9644-1999 electric drive reactor

application area
Input reactors are recommended especially in the following environments:
A few frequency converters in parallel close connection
- line power has obvious disturbance from other devices (interference, overvoltage).
- there is a voltage imbalance between the phases of the line power supply, exceeding 1.8% of the rated voltage.
- the installation of a large number of converters on the same line
- reduce overload on the COS Phi correction capacitor, if the device contains a power factor correction device.
The power supply capacity is 600KVA and above, and the frequency converter installation location is within 10m from the large capacity power supply.
The frequency converter is powered by a very low impedance line (10 times higher than the rated capacity of the transformer).