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DC flat wave reactor


Product introduction

DC flat wave reactor

Product introduction
The DC smoothing reactor is used in the rectifier circuit to suppress the ripple component after rectification, and to make the rectifier current continuously.
Improve the output waveform and ensure the normal operation of DC equipment.

Characteristics and advantages
1. improve the input current waveform distortion caused by capacitor filtering.
2. reduce and prevent damage caused by impact current and overheat of capacitor.
3. increase power factor and reduce DC bus AC pulse.
4. limit the transient voltage of the power grid.
5., a parallel connection capacitor is used to suppress or filter ripple in DC to eliminate the adverse effects on the load.
Technical specifications:
1. working voltage: 220VDC-2000VDC
2. working frequency: 50/60Hz.
3. working current: 3A-1600A
4. insulation grade: class F, H
5. use environment: -10... At +45 C, the rated value will not be reduced
6. protection grade: IP00-IP22
7. maximum current: 1.5 x rated current, continuous 60S
8. noise: less than 65dB
9. temperature rise: less than 70K
10. anti electric strength: iron core winding 3000VAC/50Hz/5mA/10s no arc breakdown (factory test)
11. insulation resistance: 1000VDC insulation resistance value more than 100M Omega
14. the altitude is not more than 2000 meters.
15. the operating temperature is between -25 and +45, and the relative humidity is not more than 90%.
16. There are no harmful gases and inflammable and explosive materials around.
17. the surrounding environment should be well ventilated. If installed in the cabinet, ventilation equipment should be installed.
16. implementation criteria:
IEC289:1987 reactor
GB10229-88 reactor (eqvIEC289:1987)
JB9644-1999 electric drive reactor
Product size: can be customized according to the requirements of the user.

Operating environment
1. The altitude is not more than 1000 meters.
2, the operating environment temperature -25 degrees Celsius ~+40 degrees Celsius, relative humidity is not more than 85%;
3, the surrounding environment should have good ventilation conditions. If installed in the cabinet, ventilation equipment should be installed.
4, there is no violent vibration and strong bump; rainproof equipment;
5. There is no place in the environment where there is no explosion danger and there is no place to corrode metals and destroy insulation gas and conductive dust in the environment.
6, three phase rectifier circuit.