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Three phase three line single stage filter


Product introduction

three phase three line single stage universal filter

Product introduction
Rated current 1A-1200A optional
Optional medical equipment special type (B Series)
The solder joint, bolt and terminal table are optional (300A or above is the copper bar).
Customizable according to customer requirements

Characteristics and advantages
- electric power supply system for three-phase three wire system
Small size, high cost performance, easy installation, especially for products with limited space.
- the SJS360 370 series uses the first class common mode filter circuit design, the ordinary three-phase three wire filter.
- 100KHz-30MHz has good common and differential mode filtering effect.
- 660VAC, 1140VAC (inclusive) and above high voltage products optional.

application area
It is widely applied to all kinds of electrical equipment, such as printing equipment, packaging machine, textile equipment, industrial air conditioning, UPS, medical equipment, etc.