On the protracted war of enterprise culture of enterprise soul

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What is the corporate culture? Corporate culture, or corporate culture, generally refers to the general term of common ideals, basic values, style, habits and behavior norms formed in an enterprise for a long time. It is the sum of the spiritual wealth that the enterprise has created in the process of management and management. It has the power of inspiration and cohesion to the members of the enterprise, and the interests and objectives of many people. The unity of the needs and the resulting actions is a reflection of the long-term cultural construction of enterprises. It includes values, highest goals, codes of conduct, management systems, moral customs and so on. It takes all the staff as the work object, through publicity, education, training and cultural entertainment, friendship and other ways to maximize the unity of employees´ will, standardize employee behavior, condense employees´ strength, and serve the overall goal of the enterprise.

Enterprise culture is the soul of an enterprise. This is a sturdy stone road that needs to be sustained. Shanghai Sai Ji Electronics Co., Ltd. is exploring the way of strengthening the company´s corporate culture and persisting in learning and innovation.
Grasp the focus of enterprise culture construction
Enterprise culture is the management philosophy of people based. Modern enterprises pay more and more attention to the important role of people in the development of enterprises. Therefore, it is of great significance to build a unique corporate culture and firmly grasp the focus of enterprise culture construction to enhance the centripetal force and cohesiveness of the enterprise.

1. pay attention to the strategic culture of enterprises
To achieve sustainable development, enterprises must have a long-term development goal and development plan. The future direction and development of enterprises should be understood by all staff as soon as possible. Only with the approval of the staff can the development strategy play its due role in order to become a programme of action for all employees. In the construction of enterprise culture, we should make full use of the network and other carriers, adopt flexible and diversified forms, and do a good job in publicizing and implementing the development strategy of enterprises. Through actively developing the strategic culture of enterprises, we should further clarify our work ideas, clarify the direction of enterprise development, and arouse the enthusiasm of our employees.

2. construction enterprise humanistic culture
Talent is a valuable resource for the development of enterprises. Under the new circumstances, enterprises need a large number of talents of different levels and specialties. The enterprise must take the construction of talent team as part of the construction of enterprise culture, and build the cultural atmosphere of respecting people and shaping people, strengthening the sense of belonging and stimulating the enthusiasm and creativity of the employees. With the continuous development of science and technology, the topic of updating staff knowledge structure is also placed in front of enterprises. Enterprises should strive to create a good learning atmosphere and build a platform for the growth of talents, so that all staff can enhance their sense of ownership and grow and breathe together with enterprises. We should carry out goal education for employees, so that they can closely integrate their personal goals with the development goals of enterprises, and consciously participate in all kinds of work of enterprises.

3. standardizing the enterprise system culture
The relationship between corporate culture and enterprise system is mutually supportive and complementary. Institutional culture is an important part of corporate culture. In the construction of system culture, we should give prominence to innovation and strict implementation, establish scientific enterprise decision-making mechanism and human resource development mechanism, set up perfect enterprise operation rules and management system, build a capable and efficient organizational structure, make all the work closely connected, and ensure the successful realization of the enterprise goal. The higher the degree of employee participation in democratic management, the more conducive to mobilizing their enthusiasm. The establishment of an open communication system enables enterprises to keep abreast of their employees´ ideological trends. At the same time, we should strengthen supervision, standardize management behavior, create a harmonious cultural atmosphere, and promote the improvement of enterprise management level.

4. build enterprise team culture
The realization of enterprise development goal is inseparable from the cooperation among employees. Only by fostering team spirit can enterprises continuously create new achievements and remain invincible in fierce market competition. The important task of the enterprise culture construction is to create a good atmosphere for the development of the enterprise within the enterprise, and make the leadership and leadership, the leadership and staff, the staff and the employees sincere cooperation, and promote the successful realization of the enterprise goals. At the same time, we should properly handle all aspects of the external relations of enterprises, reduce friction and contradictions as much as possible, and strive for all aspects of understanding and support.

5. enhance the innovation consciousness of enterprises
Innovation can inject vitality into enterprise culture and enhance the level of enterprise culture construction. It is necessary to innovate the corporate culture and promote the continuous development of enterprises. The key to the innovation of enterprise culture is to innovate the old management philosophy and management concept of the enterprise, so that the enterprise culture construction can take a new step. To create an environment that can tolerate different thinking. If innovation can only succeed without failure, it is difficult for enterprises to maintain their strong creativity and vitality. As the main body of market competition, enterprises should have the ability to adapt to the modern market economy, and the construction of enterprise culture should also reflect the requirements of the market economy. Market competition has formed a new concept and model of competition. In the process of enterprise culture construction, this concept and model must be fully understood in order to ensure the continuous and healthy development of the enterprise.

Misunderstandings in the construction of Chinese enterprise culture
1. Pay attention to the form of enterprise culture and ignore the connotation
The most prominent problem in the process of Chinese corporate culture construction is blindly pursuing the form of corporate culture while ignoring the connotation of corporate culture. Corporate culture activities and corporate CI image design are manifestations of corporate culture. Corporate culture is the instillation of basic values in the process of entrepreneurship and development to all members.