Warmly celebrate the success of Shanghai Sai Ji electronic website

Times of browsing:2018 次  Time:2018-07-05  

In order to better enhance the image of the company, strengthen publicity, create good conditions for the company´s management and development, in order to show our company´s scale and strength, and better display the company´s external image, Shanghai Sai Ji Electronics Co., Ltd. has successfully upgraded its version to make the website more content. Rich, updated and more timely.

In order to improve the image of the company, facilitate the publicity of the product, provide high quality service for the customers at home and abroad, improve the influence of the company, the website´s column setting, function design, service content and expression form have been greatly adjusted, and the column plate is rearranged according to functional zoning. Step by step integrate the company´s information resources to provide customers with more comprehensive, efficient and convenient services. "Customer satisfaction" is our greatest pursuit, we will continue to uphold the attitude of serving customers, with more full enthusiasm, more focused spirit, more professional quality for the majority of customers to provide quality service.

The successful upgrading of our company´s website indicates that our company has put forward higher requirements in the media publicity and reached a higher level and laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company.

There are still many deficiencies in the revised website. We are working hard to improve it. I hope you will leave your valuable advice and feedback while you browse, and feedback your letter box
On this occasion, all employees of Shanghai Saiji Electronics Co., Ltd. wish you all the best. Work well! Big fortune for the year of the horse!